A little tile work.

Gut renovation of a master shower led to an incredible finished product with an awesome tile band detail.

Bathroom remodel in Westerville, Ohio by Brinker Remodeling.

A bathroom trifecta.

The master, hall and powder all received makeovers in this project. The powder and hall we kept the footprint the same while the master we removed a dividing wall to open the space up. The custom master shower really set this project apart.

Bathroom remodel in Dublin, Ohio by Brinker Remodeling.

A welcome transformation.

This Columbus condo’s only bathroom needed a makeover. The old vinyl insert that was removed included a cumbersome curb to get in and an angled bench that took up much too much space. We lowered the curb, added a recessed shampoo niche and finished with mosaic grey floor to contrast the new, white porcelain tile walls for an amazing new look.

Freshen it up.

This Powell bathroom was getting the job done but only that. By removing the old tile shower walls, tub, vanity, toilet and fixtures and replacing with new everything plus onyx panels in the shower it really created a new dramatic feel.

Two is better than one.

A dark hall bath used by the two growing children needed a refresher as well as an additional sink. By removing an unused laundry chute, shifting over the toilet and adding new plumbing for an additional sink combined with the finishes did just the job for these clients.

Bathroom remodel in Powell, Ohio by Brinker Remodeling.

A classic look

Two new bathrooms for a new homeowner. A black and white color palette creates a look that will last forever.

The Family Cave

A nice blank slate with a good initial plan ended up creating a nice space for the entire family to enjoy.

Designer choices

Just wrapped up this master bath and closet renovation in Dublin and it was quite a transformation thanks to the clients design choices!

The little things

Sometimes the little things can go a long way. Here we added a cable chase with a pull wire added in. Not only does this hide the cords to give the clean look to a mounted TV but also makes it easy to pull the wire through when setting up.

Cable Run Close.jpg

This is from a current basement remodel in Powell, Ohio by Brinker Remodeling.


Adding some insulation, drywall and a touch of paint helped make this over-the-garage bonus room a bit more inviting.

A bonus room renovation in Worthington by Brinker Remodeling.

A bright new space to start the day.

Had the opportunity to give this compact bathroom a facelift and create a nice, bright space where our client could get the day started off right!

A recent bathroom remodel in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio by Brinker Remodeling.

Who doesn't love more closet space?

Added a closet which helped make this room a bedroom and increased the value of the home…but ultimately, who doesn’t love more closet space?

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